Top 8 Features of Microsoft Office 2013

Top 8 Features of Microsoft Office 2013 is the latest version of the Office suite from Microsoft. It comes with many handsome features and tools. New Metro interface, touch and type, online storage, the latest gadgets, PDF editing, online audio / video insertion, and full-screen display are some of the features included with this version. Applications included has all the aspects needed to make everyday tasks easier and faster. We've tried to summarize the eight features of the latest suite of applications, which are mentioned below. We hope you will benefit from this feature. If you are using Microsoft Office 2013, then you are required to share your views with us and our readers.

1. Touch Interface

New Office application is designed to enhance the touch interface. Similar to other touch-screen gadget, it reacts to touch directly without delay. You can zoom in or zoom documents, presentations and drawing on the screen. For microsoft Office 2013 support, do not hesitate to contact the third party provider of technical support.

2. Cloud Sharing with SkyDrive

In working with Office documents, files are automatically stored in the cloud-based storage devices called SkyDrive. As the content is stored online, users have many options to access the documents. You can access it through a portable device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. You can also access your documents offline. To synchronize your device, you need to reconnect. Do not hesitate to contact the third party provider of technical support for Office 2013 support.

3. Metro Design

Users will enjoy a clean and attractive look to the tile, which is added to bring more beauty to the interface. Unlike many traditional applications, you can enjoy the documents, videos and presentations in full screen display. Feel free to contact on-demand support services in which technical experts can help you to run Office 2013 setup and install.

4. PDF Editing

The new office has changed the trend of digital PDF documents. Now, users have the option to open, format, save and edit PDF documents with ease. You can also embed video and images from your PC or online sources such as Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. Even watching the photos and video are possible from within the document with ease. If you can not install Office 2013, call on-demand support services for assistance.

5. Type the Stylus

Users can type in the content and make notes using a stylus. You can write an email message with your hands and then convert them to text quickly. Using the stylus, you can also make your presentation easy and convenient to create a laser pointer. This allows you to avoid and correct mistakes very easily. You can also change the text formatting like adding color, font and size easily. Always believe on-demand services to support Office 2013 help if you want to save your valuable time in correcting the problem.

6. OneNote

OneNote helps to collect important records about users, including audio messages, images, pictures, text, and manage them as well. Once created, the records are automatically stored into the SkyDrive. You can even share information on the Internet following a few simple steps with Office OneNote utility. This application is available for all portable devices such as Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone. With instant access, you can add and make the necessary changes to the record.

7. The inclusion of Skype

Skype is a popular VoIP application and is available for almost all operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Symbian, Android, iOS, and Windows. This also applies to smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It is renowned for its audio calls, video calls, group meetings, and the text between PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones with wonderful quality. With the new office, you can get 60 minutes of talk time per month and even includes contact Skype for instant chat.

8. Yammer social networking suite

A new social networking tools, Yammer comes integrated with the new Office. These include Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and other tools to secure private network mainly for business purposes. Get in touch with a third party service for immediate support Office 2013 support via chat, email or phone.

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