10 Application Required Installed in Computer

Microsoft Office - 10 Application Required Installed in Computer

On this occasion Microsoft Office will review the software application  that must be installed on your computer or laptop device. The goal is to run optimally and can meet the core needs of the use of computer equipment

Let us examine one by one.10 Application Required Installed in Computer :

1. Driver

Driver is an application used for connecting your computer hardware with the operating system, so the hardware of your computer can be recognized and run properly for daily purposes. Normally this software is provided by the computer manufacturer, when buying a laptop or computer device was in good condition. When buying computer equipment without the software driver, it will have trouble finding trouble on the computer at a later date. so still need to find on the official website.

 2. Microsoft Office Applications
Microsoft Office applications is also important for Install on a computer or laptop device, the application is very useful for the purposes of homework, lectures, reports to the office or it could be a means of learning to type. a lot of office applications that circulate today, either paid (one example Microsoft Office) or free (Open Office)

3. Anti-Virus

This one application shall also be installed on the computer, in order to avoid the attack of computer viruses that today more and more kind. With a minimal install antivirus software can protect your computer or laptop from damage that result from virus attacks and also can save data - the data stored on the computer. But do not forget to always update the antivirus andainstal on the computer, in order to recognize the virus - the latest virus circulating and ready to threaten the health of your computer.

4. Applications PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer is an application that is used to open the file - a file with pdf format. Sakali many applications that can be used to open files with PDF files, one example is Adobe Reader which can be obtained for free at the official website of Adobe.

5. Web Browser

Can imagine how sulitanya if we want to access the site - our favorite sites, if the computer or a laptop that is not installed Web Browser application. Software applications also required a device installed on your computer. Many applications - browser web applications that are available, one of which mozilla firefox, google chrome, opera and many other web browser application.

6. Application Downloader
Actually the Web Browser application has been provided download feature, which automatically works when users click on the download link on the site provider sharing files that can be downloaded. However, sometimes the performance of the download feature in the Web Browser application is not as good as the downloader software that is designed specifically for downloading purposes. Some examples of existing application software downloader is IDM, DAP and many other software downloader.

7. Flash Player

This application is used to support Web Browser application software. If the computer has not installed the application on this one, can certainly not be able to play videos - videos that exist on the site - the site of video portals such as YouTube, so if the computer wants to enjoy the video flash player required software is installed on your computer or your laptop,

8. DirectX

Software DirectX functions to address the problems - problems associated with the program - a multimedia program that requires a high-resolution display, such as games. If the computer is in use for games, this one required software installed in the computer.

 9. Net Framework

This software is also very necessary to be installed on a computer or laptop, as some other software installed will fail because the software has not been installed Net procurement framework. For that reason this software shall also be installed on a computer or laptop.

10. Software Compress Files

This software is also not to be forgotten for the needs pengompressan mengextrak file or compressed files. The advantage of the compressed files are safe from virus attacks and one example of compresser existing software, is Winrar / Winzip.

That is some of the software applications that must be installed on your computer devices, may be useful

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