3D XPoint : New Fast Memory from Intel & Micron

Microsoft Office3D XPoint : New Fast Memory from Intel & Micron

Intel and Micron just announced that the results of their collaboration in the last 10 years in developing the type of new non-volatile memory has been fruitless. About 25 years after the introduction of NAND Flash, Intel and Micron have reached a stage where new memories of their creation, 3D XPoint, ready to be produced. 3D XPoint This will allow the presence of memory that can store and access large amounts of data at high speed.

3D XPoint

Due to various non-volatile, this memory can be used to store data. Based on the explanation from Intel, the needs that exist in the modern world today is demanding the presence of a new type of memory that can be relied upon in terms of performance and capacity, more than what is offered NAND Flash. To that end, the results of research for more than 10 years, Intel and Micron successfully developed a new memory at speeds of up to 1000x NAND, NAND endurance up to 1000x, and offers large capacity.

3D XPoint

In accordance with the concept of "3D" that it has, this memory can be composed of up to several layers to the level of high-density data storage. It enables the creation of storage media with a capacity of up to 10x greater the size of the existing concisely. Coupled with its high speed, the memory allows various operations are quite difficult today because of memory limitations that exist, including machine learning, research that utilizes big data, in-memory database, and supports high-speed computing for a variety of things.

Based on what was presented in a webcast hosted by Rob Crooke, Senior VP & GM of Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, and Scott DeBoer, VP of Research & Development at Micron, new memory type will be tested in 2015 with implementation the final product will be available in 2016. Intel and Micron itself will also contribute directly involved to develop a variety of new devices with 3D  XPoint  this memory . Let us see what the immediate implementation of this fast memory!

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